Friday, September 23, 2011

Previously Completed Item #22 - Learn How to Eat With Chopsticks

I used a fork eating in Chinese restaurants from high school past college. My first chopsticks use was in my early 20s at a social environment with some work colleagues and strangers; something inside me said to pick up the chopsticks and use them versus the fork. I'm glad I did because not only do I enjoy it, the practice made it easier to eat my way through Hong Kong and Beijing (the latter city was a business trip and I know that simple eating skill looked better than asking for a fork). 

The fun part of using chopsticks is picking up something small and round, like a pea and passing (or receiving) it from another person without dropping it. I'm not able to pick up all the rice but when I was in Hong Kong I noticed how everyone used the chopsticks to shovel the rice into their mouths so I felt OK. :)

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