Monday, September 19, 2011

Hong Kong - Previously Completed Item #9

Hong Kong - Previously Completed Item #9

I was always fascinated with the blend of British and Chinese influences in a place like Hong Kong and I was fortunate to put a solo trip together in 1993. I cashed in frequent flier points for free air travel which allowed me the opportunity to stay at a decent hotel; nothing like a 5 star place but definitely a step above hostels of my previous trips. I'm glad I went as the week flew by. It was interesting being in such a congested environment, being in a place where not many people spoke English to me. Signs were mostly in English so it was easy to get around.  And now that the territory is under China's control I would be interested in a return trip to see what changes there might be.Pottinger Street, 1993 by Jeff__
Pottinger Street, 1993, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
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Here are some other Hong Kong photos from the trip.


  1. Great pics! Glad to know most of the signs are in English. I feel like I could fake my way through Europe OK, but not China!

  2. Thanks! It was an overload of the senses but was a great trip.