Monday, November 5, 2012

New York Arrival

New York Arrival by Jeff__
New York Arrival, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.

LaGuardia Airport, November 2011. *Reposting this from last year.*  I'm glad it is becoming operational again after Hurricane Dandy closed it down. Thinking & praying for all those in need in this region.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cabin Still Life

Cabin Still Life by Jeff__
Cabin Still Life, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.

Suches, Georgia

Halloween over the past few years

May The Bark Be With You... by Jeff__

May The Bark Be With You..., a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr. - 2011 Grant Park Farmer's Market

Ghoul Scouts by Jeff__
Ghoul Scouts, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.  2010. Some of my daughter's Girl Scout troop before a neighborhood parade.

Corn Dogs For Sale by Jeff__
Corn Dogs For Sale, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr. A stop for a snack during the Halloween tour at historic Oakland cemetery.
© 2009 CarrPhotography; all rights reserved

 Happy Halloween by Jeff__
A stop in the north Georgia mountains

still of the night by Jeff__
still of the night, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Halloween night.
My daughter had a great time and after she went to bed, we relaxed on the porch handing out candy to the older kids. I didn't think I'd shoot a ghostly variation of "Whistler's Mother"! :) I adjusted the contrast and cropped in a but I but did not photoshop anything into the photo.

© 2007 CarrPhotography; all rights reserved

© 2007-2011 CarrPhotography; all rights reserved

Friday, October 26, 2012

Father Daughter Camping Weekend

Some photos from our successful Father/Daughter Girl Scout camping weekend at Misty Mountain. This was the first time just the two of us camped; it was fun & busy. I didn't photograph every activity - I wished I got a photo of Katie riding her bicycle to breakfast - but here are a few images.

 Leather Crafting

 Horse Back Riding was fun.

 Screen Printing

Tye Dye Shirt Making

 Our tent set-up

One view of the lake.

 Saturday night's meal with the troop.

 The girls (10-11 years old) making the fire for this night.

The Harvest Moon over the entire camp grounds (and all the troops meeting in one spot).

Cabin (still) Life

Cabin (still) Life by Jeff__
Cabin (still) Life, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

David McReynolds Memorial

David McReynolds Memorial by Jeff__
David McReynolds Memorial, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
I did not know David McReynolds. He was a neighbor I will never get a chance to know due to him being killed last week.

The statement below is taken from this Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA) facebook post.

In Loving Memory of David McReynolds, March 3, 1958 – July 7, 2012
Funeral arrangements for Grant Park shooting victim David McReynolds have been made for this Saturday, August 4th, 1pm, at
Alexander Memorial AME Church,
287 Augusta Avenue, S. E.
Atlanta, GA United States 30315
David McReynolds was a Grant Park resident, known for his quiet and polite demeanor, and was known to many for his frequent walks around the neighborhood. He was a Viet Nam veteran and prolific reader who studied the Bible and the Quran. David also enjoyed writing and was interested in politics and history, and particularly the civil rights movement.

Ironically, David recently earned his Certificate In Nonviolence Studies.

David McReynolds was 54 years old and lived on Augusta Street in Grant Park, two blocks from the park. He survived by his life partner Angela Sheat, his father Grady McReynolds, sisters Angela Bradford, Dorothy Smith and Daneyse McReynolds, his godfather Arthur Wallace and “sister” Sheila Wallace.

Creative Loafing story regarding police releasing surveillance footage related to this homicide.

Another facebook post of this memorial.

The following was written by Grant Park neighbor, Jackson Faw - the complete post can be found on the
GPNA facebook page.

David McReynolds was one of our neighbors. He walked down our street every day to the small grocery store at the corner of Ormond and Martin to buy his “numbers.” David was friendly to the granddaughters of our neighbor Josephine, whose two girls sit in the front yard every day and know the names of everyone’s dog that walks by their house.

David was 54 years old and lived on Augusta Street in Grant Park, two blocks from the park.

He was a kind man who was friendly and harmful to no one. According to the police, he was killed by three youths because he refused to give them money, or perhaps he didn't have any money to give them. David was shot in the chest and left to die on the sidewalk just around the corner from our house.

Josephine and her girls heard the gunshot in the middle of a beautiful, sunny afternoon. The body of the neighbor that walked by and said hello every day was laying on the sidewalk just feet from their house as the police investigated the crime scene.

Yesterday Haley got a basket of food and a card, and I left to find David’s house to speak with his family and offer our sympathies. David lived with Sheila and Arthur Wallace, who considered him part of their family. Arthur was David’s godfather, and Sheila says that “David was like a brother to me.”

On Thursday afternoon, Sheila came upon the crime scene just a block from their house. Someone told her that a boy had been shot, and Sheila’s first thought was how horrible it was going to be for the person that had to deliver the news to boy’s mother.

An hour or so later, a detective knocked on her door to tell Sheila that David was the victim.

Sheila and Arthur told me that their life has been changed forever. David helped with household chores and kept Arthur company. “If he hadn’t been killed he’d be sitting right there watching TV with us” she told me. “I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

When bartender John Henderson was murdered in 2009, the entire city was outraged. Before the trial that convicted John Henderson’s killer, dozens of gang members were arrested by a joint FBI and GBI task force.

It’s not likely that Sheila and Arthur Wallace can afford to put up billboards in memory of David McReynolds. Publicity related to his death was scant at best; the news reports are already fading.

There is no need to state the obvious. I only hope that this sad, sick, senseless killing will not be forgotten by our community. It will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved David McReynolds.

Monday, June 18, 2012

fading summer

fading summer by Jeff__
fading summer, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Taken with my daughter's toy camera. I like the quaintness and vintage look the lo-fi camera produces.

Some more toy camera photos at the beach.
© 2007 CarrPhotography; all rights reserved

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Camera Self-Portrait

Camera Self-Portrait by Jeff__
Camera Self-Portrait, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Panasonic Lumix
The non-symmetrical lens attachment is an add-on lens cap which automatically opens and closes when the camera is turned on/off. The lens cap which came with the camera was "manual", meaning I had to keep it in my pocket or stored somewhere when photographing.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Parting Sky

The Parting Sky by Jeff__
The Parting Sky, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
(there is something in the sky upper left of the roof line if you can view this larger)
I enjoy but don't normally photos of sky patterns here but I was taken with this unique cloud formation of an approaching storm over our back yard.

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival through the years

My daughter Katie playing in a pirogue at the children's section at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 2009

Jazz Fest is one of my favorite destinations for an immersion of music, food & culture. There are always big mainstream acts who play but I always head for the smaller stages; and with about 10-11 stages of music happening during the day you certainly have your choice of music! Jazz (classic, contemporary), zydeco, cajun, blues, folk, gospel, country, rock, R&B, Mardi Gras Indians...there is a lot to take in.

Our last trip was 2009 with our then 6 year old daughter.  Our previous time there was 1999 pre-marriage:

The only thing we had to worry about was how much water we drink in relation to the beer that day. :)  But having a child changes one's approach. Katie seemed to like the Kids area at Jazz Fest... A LOT.  We spent a lot of time there and missed some of the other tents but I was still ok with it as I enjoyed watching my daughter enjoy herself. I didn't even think of going to jazz fest two days; one was enough for Katie and we had a great time during our non-Jazz Fest day doing the museums/aquarium.

Here are a few other photos from 2009. 
- Elizabeth & Katie walking through Congo Square.
- The Gospel tent in full swing.
- Katie holding onto her hat as we walk.

What I might end up looking like years from now:
If Found Return to Economy Hall by Jeff__
If Found Return to Economy Hall, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
On the way to Jazz fest in the bus:
Aubry by Jeff__
Aubry, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Inside one of the heritage tents:
Greetings from Jazz Fest by Jeff__
Greetings from Jazz Fest, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.

Here is a photo of The Capri Motel where I stayed for Jazz Fest in 1992. It had its "charm":
Capri Motel, New Orleans 1992 by Jeff__
Capri Motel, New Orleans 1992, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.

Here are some Jazz Fest images from 1996 which feature one of the second line parades (and anyone can join) which happen during the fest:

Jazz Fest Second Line, 1996 by Jeff__
Jazz Fest Second Line, 1996, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Taken during this second line parade at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, 1996.
Jazz Fest by Jeff__
Jazz Fest, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Taken during this second line parade at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, 1996.
April, 1996 - Second Line by Jeff__
April, 1996 - Second Line, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Taken during this second line parade at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, 1996.

2nd Line, April 1996 by Jeff__
2nd Line, April 1996, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr. Note: this was scanned from the original darkroom print using Luminos paper (the company is no longer in business I hear - are they now owned by Kentmere or were they two totally separate companies?); this photo was not photoshopped but looking back at the print it looks like I went a bit far in burning in the sky. Ah, those old darkroom days. :) Taken during this second line parade at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, 1996.

This moment of happiness was at the Cajun/Zydeco stage:
Jazz Fest Enjoyment, 1996 by Jeff__
Jazz Fest Enjoyment, 1996, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.

Since the atmosphere is casual, one can just break into a spontaneous run/dance in the tents such as this at the Lagniappe Tent:
Lagniappe Tent by Jeff__
Lagniappe Tent, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.

Friday, April 27, 2012

15 Minutes before Mass Starts

15 Minutes before Mass Starts by Jeff__
15 Minutes before Mass Starts, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
My wife & daughter were on a mother/daughter Girl Scout camporee, I was a bachelor for most of the weekend. And what was my highlight?

Attending a church I never visited, but always wanted to; Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. It is located in the Martin Luther King, Jr Historic District and around the corner from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's childhood home in the Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta, Georgia.

I am a Catholic (liberal Catholic of faith) who enjoys visiting new churches. I live nearby so why not visit? I felt like I was in the gospel tent at Jazz Fest; which is a good thing. The mass & music energized my spirit. It was the most unique Catholic service I have attended. And since this was a Sat/5p mass I got to sleep in Sunday morning; Catholics love those Saturday options. :)

Founded in November 1912. Our Lady of Lourdes was the first African American Catholic church in Atlanta. Saint Katharine Drexel was among those who provided funds and sent the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament to staff the school.

Martin Luther King, Jr Historic District
Fulton County, GA
Listed: 05/02/1974
Designated an NHL: 05/05/1977

The area is composed of the following structures, many of which retain most of their original appearances. Together they comprise an identifiable and definable historic district: Ebenezer Baptist Church, Grave Site, Birthplace and Boyhood Home, Shot-gun Houses, Victorian Houses, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Colored Mission, and Fire Station No. 6.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Father/Daughter Vacation - list item #41

My daughter and I first discussed this idea last fall but do to various school and holiday activities, decided to put it off until Katie's spring break which was last week. My father/daughter time was about three days but the trip activities were done within a two day window. We hopped up the highway to the Chattanooga area to take in some kitschy tourist attractions and have a great time together!

 The steep incline railway; built in 1895 with a maximum grade of 72.7%.
 Some of the fun passages in Rock City.

Ruby Falls, an underground waterfall inside Lookout Mountain.
During the evening we enjoyed stories of Chattanooga's past during the entertaining Ghost tour.  The Tennessee Aquarium rounded things out the next day before we headed back to join my wife/Katie's mom at our cabin for the remainder of spring break.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Plunger, Axe

Plunger by Jeff__
Plunger, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This photo inspired by Mando's phenomenal set.

I found something similar a year earlier on this street.

 Untitled by Jeff__