Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween over the past few years

May The Bark Be With You... by Jeff__

May The Bark Be With You..., a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr. - 2011 Grant Park Farmer's Market

Ghoul Scouts by Jeff__
Ghoul Scouts, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.  2010. Some of my daughter's Girl Scout troop before a neighborhood parade.

Corn Dogs For Sale by Jeff__
Corn Dogs For Sale, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr. A stop for a snack during the Halloween tour at historic Oakland cemetery.
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 Happy Halloween by Jeff__
A stop in the north Georgia mountains

still of the night by Jeff__
still of the night, a photo by Jeff__ on Flickr.
Halloween night.
My daughter had a great time and after she went to bed, we relaxed on the porch handing out candy to the older kids. I didn't think I'd shoot a ghostly variation of "Whistler's Mother"! :) I adjusted the contrast and cropped in a but I but did not photoshop anything into the photo.

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