Thursday, September 22, 2011

Item #73 - Volunteer at Oakland Cemetery

One item on the new list completed. It should be easy since I live a few blocks from here but it still took me about 6 years to do this. :)  Oakland Cemetery was designed as a Victorian Garden cemetery and is filled with wonderful architecture and history. My company had a volunteer day at various non-profit organizations and I jumped at the chance to volunteer at Oakland. My work for this day was light; I helped spread mulch over bare, non-grassy parts of the cemetery grounds but it is still something which is of help. It is a historic area in Atlanta.

The cemetery was designed in the 1850s to be a place where folks would visit, picnic and get a respite from the city.
 A closeup of this the mausoleum's steps is in the Atlanta daily photo link.
 Honoring the unknown Confederate dead soldiers.
 Mayors and other notable citizens are buried here, The most famous resident is Margaret Mitchell, author of "Gone with the Wind". I forgot to include a photograph of her site.
 Part of the Atlanta skyline in the distance.
The resting place of famous golfer, Bobby Jones. People lay down a golf ball in hopes it brings them luck to their game.

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