Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Our last deep conversation was...30 years ago?!"

Steve, an old friend from high school looked me up a couple of weeks ago, saying he was going to be in town for a convention and we arranged to meet. Our dinner plans had to be rearranged due to both our schedules but we met for a drink and spent the next two+ hours catching up.

Since Steve isn't on facebook and this bog could potentially be seen by anyone I'll respect his privacy and not upload his photo. :)  [Note: Steve Mernoff emailed saying it was ok to include his photo]

Our lives went separate ways after college, which is natural for many people over time & distance. We briefly saw each other at mutual friends celebrations but this was the first conversation, so to speak I remember having with Steve in about 30 years. What I found interesting besides the catching up was how easily the dialog flowed about past events, mutual friends and our current lives.  

Given our separate lives and distance I can't say the next time I may see Steve again but it certainly was a pleasure and I thank him for taking the effort to look me up. :)  

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